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The president of the EUS is the official spokesperson and head of the executive team. The position demands someone with good communication and management skills, patience, and the ability to think on their feet. The president’s responsibilities are to represent the engineering students in communicating with administration, media, faculty, industry, etc., as well as chairing the weekly meetings of the 8 executives, and overseeing EUS Equity as well as SEAM (Sustainability in Engineering at McGill, the sustainability committee of the EUS). On the business side of the EUS, the president is the general manager and is responsible for legal aspects of the company, such as dealing with contracts and any legal issues that (hopefully won’t) arise.

VP Finance (chosen by selection committee)

The VP Finance is responsible for overseeing the finances of the EUS core operations. This ranges from managing the $1M+ EUS budget, four funds, corporate relations and sponsorship, as well as fiscal responsibility for the commercial services. The role also directly oversees Open Air Pub, the Best Place on Earth. The VP Finance has a fiscal responsibility to ensure that the EUS maintains a strong financial safety net, and a social responsibility to ensure that the monies collected through various revenue sources are returned in services and events to benefit the entire student body. A person in this role should be an objective, unbiased thinker, good at critically analyzing the cost-to-benefit ratio of budget allocations and sponsorship, with high importance on reliable decision making and execution.

VP Academic

The VP Academic of the EUS is the liaison between students and faculty. The VP Academic is often the only student representation on a variety of Faculty committees such as the Academic Committee, Committee on Teaching and Learning and Continuous Program Evaluation Group. Contrary to the VP Finance, the VP Academic manages EUS student fees held in the Dean's office, and chairs the committees who decide on spending of these accounts, ie. the Undergraduate Equipment Fund and the newly added Undergraduate Support Fund. They also oversee Tech Fair volunteer committee, Engineering Peer Tutoring Service and TechWeek. The VP Academic enables and empowers any students who are actively pursuing a shift in the Engineering education paradigm towards a more holistic education.

VP Communications

The VP Communications is responsible for overseeing publications, IT, and creative initiatives of the EUS, as well as maintaining a channel of communication with the engineering students. The Publications include: The Plumber’s Faucet (our satire publication), The Plumber’s Ledger (for general EUS news and opinions), the student Handbook, and the Yearbook. The IT includes the Website, TeN (the screens around campus), and InfoSys (our committee computer lab). In terms of creative, the VP Communications oversees PubliCom (the publicity committee) and other branding initiatives such as EUS swag. As a means to communicate with the students the VP Communications oversees the Facebook group and page and twitter account, as well as drafting the weekly Pipeline student newsletters. The VP Communications is there for all of you, so feel free to contact them with any questions about the EUS!

VP Services

The VP Services is responsible for overseeing the operation of all the Services the EUS has to offer. That includes Copi-EUS, Common Room, Frostbite, General Store and Lockers! Working together with the Managers, the VP Services is to ensure that the services offer affordable products for the benefit of all students while still making some profits; these earnings are then reinvested in bringing engineering students more and better events! The VP Services is also part of the Space Improvement Fund Committee which helps allocate funds to specific groups and departments for improvements in their space.

VP Clubs and Administration

The VP Clubs and Administration is the liaison between all clubs and design teams and the EUS. They are responsible for overseeing the formation of all new clubs, and assisting with the day to day operations of existing clubs. They are chair of Clubs Council, and they sit on both the Clubs Funding Committee and the Design Team Funding Committee. In addition to their responsibilities with clubs, they are responsible for ensuring that EUS Council runs smoothly. They must make sure that council minutes are taken, and they must issue the agenda and minutes of council meetings. They are also responsible for the orientation of council members and make sure councillors attend meetings. They also organise Engineering Activities Day and the Hema-Quebec Blood Drive once per semester. Lastly, the VP Clubs and Administration is in charge of the Engineering Junior Council, a group of first year engineering students who plan social and academic events for other U0 students.

VP Internal

The VP Internal is in charge of McGill Engineering culture and social events, the EUS internal relations with the other Faculties and with McGill students at large. The role focuses on providing social and athletic programming to engineering students, as well as managing and recruiting the largest volunteer base of any executive. The VP Internal manages the committees organizing multiple events throughout the year including Orientation Week, E-Week, both MERTWs, Volunteer Banquet as well as running the sports leagues (Broomball, Soccer, Flagball) and ski trip. The VP Internal works with the departments and clubs of the EUS to provide weekly entertainment via Blues Pubs held in the EUS Common Room. The Engineering Adventures and Socials Committees, also overseen by the VP Internal, provide opportunities for engineering students to interact and socialize in non-drinking environments, such as through rafting, snow tubing, rocky horror show, and other trips they embark on.

VP External

The VP External of the EUS is responsible for dealing with organizations outside McGill. First and foremost, the VP External represents the EUS at congresses hosted by the provincial and national federations of Engineering student societies, where issues pertaining to Engineering students across Canada are discussed. These congresses are also valuable opportunities to make connections and exchange ideas with representatives from other Faculties of Engineering. The VP External also acts as a liaison between McGill Engineering and Quebec's professional order of Engineers. A responsibility of the VP External is also to organize our delegations to numerous conferences and competitions including the Quebec Engineering Competition and the Conference for Diversity in Engineering. Last but not least, the VP External oversees three committees that give students the chance to showcase their engineering skills: the McGill Engineering Competition, the MEC Lite Committee, and McGill's delegation to the Quebec Engineering Games.

SSMU Representatives (Two positions available)

Although this position is not an executive position on either EUS or SSMU, it is important to be noted that there is a certain time commitment involved that should be known to all potential candidates. First of all, SSMU Representatives should attend at all EUS and SSMU council meetings (unless a good reason prevents them from doing so). These meetings are even two weeks and typically last an average of four hours. Before going in to these meetings, councillors should read over all reports, motions and the agenda beforehand. Moreover, SSMU council requires all councillors to be at least on one committee. The time commitment is variable from one committee to another (from 5 hours weekly to a few times a semester). It is to be noted that most councillors sit on many committees. EUS also has committees; it is suggested to partake in such committees. SSMU council requires office hours (approximately an hour a week). Being a SSMU Representative is a great experience; it can lead to meeting many amazing people all over campus. Committees can cater to my different interests and are therefore an enriching experience.

Engineering Senator

The Engineering Senator is responsible representing the undergraduate student body (not just engineering students) on the University-level including at SSMU and the McGill University Senate, which is the governing body of the University in charge of academic matters. As Senator, while engineering constituents elect you for a one-year term, Senators also sit on various committees of Senate of the University that requires them to represent all undergraduate students. A list of those committees assigned to you by the SSMU VP University Affairs can be found at http://ssmu.mcgill.ca/ua/. In addition to these commitments, the senator holds seats on Senate Caucus (SSMU) and EUS Council (EUS). A person in this role should be quick on their feet, patient, and attentive to details written into policies; as well, they will be working closely with the EUS VP Academic and most departmental Presidents.

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